Saturday, December 18, 2010

whatever... thresholding

I have my little entertainments, along with aspirations I’m actualizing publicly. Desire for literary gravity should be complemented by abundance of levity, enjoying self caricature.

The inner-directed life and world of mind can complement the outer-directed life and world of mind.

Self differentiation, stancing, framing, or distancing can make me a source of character development along with the outer world’s advents: silly, unbearably suffering, and also awe-fillingly inspired.

Though love of writing may be something to explain (as the love is evidently unusual), that’s tangential to living the love—at least doing as much writing as I can, while lucidity of mind allows. (The point is about finitude, not about decline.) A sculptor’s many bad sketches generate the eventual design for what might be lasting. But the lot of sketches (a lot in the lot) may have to be done to get to a good design.

[A longer version of this posting is at the confessional blog, Dec. 16, 2010.]