Wednesday, December 30, 2020

being mirrored in telic cohering of The Appeal

I write things, then forget their there
because I’m drawn toward writing the next
thing. I forget, then happen by, being
amazed!: I did that?

From altitude, the tropography is simply clear,
having a curious prettiness. Who’d surmise
a mode’s emerging tropology intimates a beauty
of tropogeny through awed praise?

Dear Appealing, what’s the singularity
of sourcing so cohering, having no name
for all the centripetality flowering
in itself?

Sunday, December 20, 2020

being minds thinking newly

philo-Sophia: A stargazer might think that love beyond all reason is the insatiable curiosity that a black night sky coldly, Silently mirrors.

So, finding archetype mirrored in actual affection is a healthy modulation of enspirited appeal.

Such was evidenced in recent reading of new things by J. A. Gosetti-Ferencei (and some old things I regrettably missed).

Fun!, I had—more than she probably knows, given my burying of affectionate irreverance (premised on authentic engagement) in blog-al woods. But I was disappointed that she’s not really a Heidegger scholar—which is fine: My admir-
ation of her path isn’t dependent on her sense of Heidegger!: She shows bad faith reading, furthered in her recent book on existentialism (which I’ll discuss later). But her own, authentic pathmaking is a continuing pleasure to follow.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

singularity of a life

This is part 1 of—prefacing—“soul of Self interest

Normally for me, I don’t use ‘soul’, except relative to others’ use; but I’m fascinated by common appeal of that sense of Self (which is what “soul” is), which is of course historically rich.

I’m fascinated like an ethnographer might be fascinated—or a philologist
or psychoanalyst.

Friday, September 4, 2020


This is part 13 of “soul of Self interest

“I love audacities of creative life, even if you don’t forever want philological wonders.”

So said Jacques to Hélène via my imagination.

No, because you’ll die in six years anyway. My grief must someday end.”

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Friday, August 28, 2020

happy solitude

Life is life, so only tropical tangibles remain at death: words worth retaining about being in Time?

Events go by.

We may strive to be good neighbors, but we remain mostly unknown.
Little dramas of lifeworldliness frame ordinary pretense, causing my want
of solitude nearly every day.

Besides, Self interest is intrinsically worthwhile for creative kinds of enjoyment: self-differentiations, idealisms valued as such.

Friday, August 21, 2020

years go by

I’m starting a section of the “being in Time” Area of titled “days go by,” which is a rubric of resignation and understated sense of uncanniness. But the section itself will be largely short posting-like reactions to news of whatever week I feel like reacting to. It won’t be about capturing our historicality
(I expect).

I note that here because an interesting result of searching my blogs, years past, for the phrase ‘days go by’ turns up numerous postings—mostly not titled “days go by,” but most related to this blog, though not all from this blog. (I got tired of the rubric, for the most part, after 2011.) 

It all shows a sense of Self interest that is creatively oriented, rather than egoistic. This is useful for the “summer constellation” project. They can be made into an interesting confessional sequence.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

being within and among simultaneously

First century BCE Palestine had been Hellenistic for centuries. So, Greek influence surely created a hybrid sense of Aramaic understanding.

When Jesus—a well-educated rabbi—“said.” according to the Gospel of Luke, that “the kingdom of God is within you,” Luke’s Greek is confusing (according to Stephen Mitchell, The Gospel According to Jesus, p. 146): Luke allegedly means ‘among’, but uses a Greek meaning for ‘within’. So, Luke’s Jesus is “saying” an ambiguity: The kingdom of God is at once within “you” (singular) and among “you” (plural). “In other words,” Mitchell notes, “the ultimate reality, though it is revealed in history, essentially belongs to the spiritual order…”