Thursday, December 9, 2010

a praise of tapestry

I’m having vivid ideas about what’s to become of this blog.

Inevitably, aspects of a life’s background weave through—some echoing further back than others.

One is a child of an era, too. Our humanity, our desire, our idealization more likely echoes old stories than being really novel.

So, where does a story begin?

It doesn’t, of course. A narrative begins, weaving back and forward—drawn by promise or aspiration—all by some elusive compass.

Forward includes a coming year (no undue tarrying in a past), and modes of writing may blend into newly differentiated aspects—a hybridity of projects
(the blogs, the topical webpages) and genres of attention—at best a narrative genesis of sorts.

“In good time, I’ll find a lasting story from so many pieces,” he said.

Implicit to that is an abiding interest in what good time “really” is; also, an aesthetic point that “the” story is found, as well as made; and lastly, an avowal of a potential value in the piecemeal character of the blog (as such).

Creative writing is a wonderful kind of knitting, don’t you agree?