Sunday, October 30, 2011

status update: Flourishing well.

Wish you were here.

revised August 25, 2017

Since March, I’ve become enchanted with a sense of “psychality,” but April’s not “exactly psychoanalytic” posting (“life, world, text”) didn’t get called psychal-analytic because I had Kaja Silverman’s book in mind. I now call April’s interest in “self expansiveness” “Philological.”

I’m anticipating a sense of consilience as some kind of philology of mind. So, why not make the “nature” of humanities Philological? (Domain constitution is made, not found.)

Yea, luscious sensibility, “…a profound and vital erotic investment by a human being in the cosmic surround….,” and being vulnerably candid. Yea, dance of life.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

creative minding

Creative minds often change media. In early formation, going, say, from cinema to Literature to sartorial assemblage to other kinds of assemblage shows a diversity of appeals that is a hallmark of high creativity (thinking here of you,
not myself).

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

yes, I’m having fun

Throughout the long weekend, the air outside was cool and breezy, a little warm at times, but not hot. Going into the days, I’d planned to dwell with some books that I’d anticipated for months might become central to The Perpetual Project. Had I the chance to do whatever with you, I’d have gladly given up the plan. But I looked forward to enjoying the plan I had: getting whatever free associative writing that would happen by way of the inhabitations, wandering the hills, staying awake as late as I choose (for more than a couple of nights), sleeping as late as I choose.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

archive fever

I’ve narratively laughed at myself as collector of books. My desire in collecting news, my journaling (none online), my desire in a little 3x5 notebook I carry around when I’m out shopping or on the train, is a funny obsession about capturing ephemerality (maybe). I have the most incredible archive of material to draw on for creative work. But I would never use material from someone else without their permission.

Giving to a narrative figure an archive of letters and whatall is a storiational ploy to give myself freedom to claim whatever I want about the figure’s life, as if I’m pursuing biographical interest. The pretext of the character’s archive gives me license. Whatever I have in my actual life is irrelevant to what the character is “reported” to have.

Friday, April 15, 2011

life, world, text

literary living (through a glass lightly)
revised and expanded August 25, 2017

My reflectively exploratory interest isn’t exactly psychoanalytic, but that’s pertinent, in a generic sense (not a therapeutic sense) that’s as philological or literary (writerly) as psychological. My psychological interests are generally drawn by appeals of self expansiveness (not egoistic self possession) for the sake of self enrichment.

Calling a venture psychoenhancive might be apt for much that goes on in academic rhetoric, e.g., Kaja Silverman, World Spectators, which allegedly pursues “a profound and vital erotic investment by a human being in the cosmic surround [...and] demonstrates the inseparability of philosophy and psychoanalysis” in terms of “visual culture, art history, and literary and film studies.” She was a professor in the Department of Rhetoric, UC at Berkeley, when she wrote her book. The idea captures a good sense of “literary” engagement beyond “Literature” (or “English”), which I want from a notion of “literary” studies.

Friday, April 1, 2011


No joke. I did some revision to the second half of “playing for keeps,” which makes it more complementary to “a validating frame of mind,” which has been honed alot. There’s now much more cogency to the road.

My primary interest there is not (yet) accessibility, though most of what I write, I believe, is accessible, with difficult passages. If I were writing to clarify what I’m doing, the clarity would be very evident. But difficult concepts don’t become less difficult, just better understood.

Friday, March 11, 2011


July 2020 note

This old posting happened near the time I began the confessional blog. Once upon a time, this posting linked to a page that linked to that other blog; but now that page links to a contact point for anyone interested. The confessional blog is unlike here: a self-possessed prelude to doing conceptual literary studies (or maybe a parody of such desire).

March 2011

I welcome stances toward other work he puts online, finding himself in sites of contextual obsession, ephemerally framing himself as textual other instanced with reflective expression as well.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

about ‘aletheia’

The transliterated old Greek word lethe (with long ‘e’s) meant forgetfulness. Something alethic is “of or relating to truth,” says Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged online.

It’s also a nice name for a muse.