Saturday, May 4, 2024


Everyone wants a good story: to be entranced, to be drawn into immers-
ion, forgetting oneself in being intently releasing attention so fully,
there’s no idea of given way to the appeal because one is the flow of immersion, like flying into a horizon is like the horizon overtaking
one’s unmoving position. “I’m lost to you, so wholly given I forget I
gave way into you I’ve become.”

In an immersive story, “you” (one) become the text narrating itself,
drawing you on as if there’s no you apart from the drawing.

A fictionist creates best by becoming her charcacters before stepping
back into framing their living presence among events and other characters.
The author becomes his framing, his own story, as if it’s all there will ever be.

The musician becomes her musing, the painter emergent forms, as if
they emerge from themselves, having life apart from the artist who channels their arrival.

The explorer becomes her exploring. The poet becomes his muse. The gods
become the creators of them.

I want to show how such capacities for immersiveness begin in infancy, becoming a child’s free play of mind, then maybe a free spirit’s discovery
of wonders. The immersiveness of becoming an interplay—becoming the inter-ing, maybe awed by the kaleidoscopic scale of manifold inter-ing one becomes may reveal a breadth, height, depth, and appeal which is essentially inter-al, interality itself scaling one’s love of being awed.

There is the entrancing entrance into maybe original discovery and art.

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