Monday, May 30, 2022

enthralling appeal

Being drawn into experience (of a person, a phenomenon, a text, etc.) responds to appeal as if being enacted by the appellant, rather than (as if not) by oneself.

It is oneSelf, of course: already receptive to experience of who (or what) evinces response—but one’s not being thrown by the experience (which would be impositional, like surprise, albeit welcomed).

A serenity may precede the drawing or be instilled by it. A play of engagement may be evinced by phenomenality, to be savored, maybe evincing enchantment
or a delicate entrancement.

For an inquiring mind, phenomenography of the drawing hopes for discovery
(thrown by surprise? or delighted?—a eureka! moment, in any event)—for furthered enlightenment and heightened appreciability.

Self-mirroring in that shows one’s capability and implicit perspectivity, framed and, hopefully, challenged, enriched, etc. Appreciability may be “heightened,” “deepened,” or/and “extended,” in a Self-implicative trans-horizoning of one’s prior conceivability.

A new kind of love, mindfulness, or openness may be drawn from phenomeno-
genic appeals (generative emergence). Enriched conceivability may potentiate new kinds of creativity from inspiration, enable a better scale of capability
for dwelling immanently and, at best, lead to constellating It All into useful presentation, as if being merely “poetic,” though really translating an era
of wholly flourishing life into a relatively short story.

This is associated with the “creative life” Area of my general project

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